Deep Pacific can provide your team with a wide range of deep ocean tools from winches with full ocean depth reach to sampling kits, sonars and work class ROVs.


Winches & Vessel Equipment

Deep Pacific has a full range inventory of marine winches for testing and exploration with cable lengths to 11km deep. DP provides Conex offices, laboratories, sheave counters, load cells, and key oceanographic kits for all phases of ocean surveys.

  • Winches (+/- heave comp?)
  • A-frames
  • Crane snubbers for safe lifting of ROVs and Landers
  • Container laboratories and offices (including temperature-controlled labs and sample storage)
  • Sheave counters and load cells
Deep ocean sampling equipment

Sampling Tools

Deep Pacific provides key assessment tools to ocean surveys all over the world from our box corers and plankton samplers to our custom sonar tow systems for deep ocean searches.

  • Sediment box corers for resource assessment and quantitative biogeochemistry
  • Multicorers: Ocean Instruments MC800-8 corer and Oktopus-20 corer
  • Piston corers
  • Dredge and collector systems for nodule collection
  • Landers with imaging and sensor packages
  • MOCNESS plankton sampler: 1- and 10-meter frame
equipment sensors


Deep Pacific has a significant suite of sensors with full ocean depth capabilities providing critical metocean and environmental data for surveys and assessments.

  • CTDs and autonomous mooring sensors: Seabird and RBR
  • ADCPs from 75 to 1200 kHz with 6000 meter ratings: RDI & Nortek
    Sediment plume sensors: LISST & Wet Labs turbidity
  • Multibeam and sidescan tow vehicles with depth ratings to 6000 meters
  • Sediment traps: seafloor and water column
  • USBL acoustic tracking systems: iXblue Posidonia and Kongsberg USBLs
  • Navigation packages: Trimble Applanix Pos/MV and iXblue PHINS & Octans
  • MRU and TSS sensors for both ship and subsea
imaging and ROVs deep ocean equipment

Imaging & ROVs

Deep Pacific provides ROV and towed imaging packages. These systems include depth ranges to 6000 meters.  Our consortium includes staff with over 30 years of experience operating systems at up to full ocean depth.

  • Working- & observation-class ROVs with significant track records and resumes for work at 2000–6000 meter depths
  • Towed Sidescan and multibeam sleds with packages to 6000 meters
  • Towed imaging sled for benthic mapping to 6000 meters
  • Remote and autonomous cameras and landers with up to 4K resolution
  • Landers with bait, sensor and camera packages