The Ocean's Full Depth

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Deep Pacific Research Support is a consortium of marine companies and universities specializing in the supply, support, and implementation of deep water studies.

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  • Inventory of specialized equipment from sensors to robotics to laboratories and winches
  • Provision of offshore survey managers, party chiefs, senior scientists, technicians, and engineers with significant deep water experience
  • Design and build solutions
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...a dark
Illimitable ocean, without bound,
Without dimension;

Where length, breadth, and height,
And time, and place are lost

John Milton

  • Technology solutions from data collection to management
  • Mobilization services and Demobilization services, including specialist global shipping of scientific samples, coordination of laboratories and key scientific supplies
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New Teaming with local University allows Deep Pacific access to 2km ROV

The Deep Pacific Group has recently been granted access to a DOER 2,000 meter ROV system. The DOER H2000 is an ultra-compact work class ROV.…

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